As I read some job descriptions, I get the strong impression that some studios are looking for extremely ideal candidates with a wide range of equally well-developed skills.

In their ideal worldview, they want their candidate to be a divine UI designer, experienced UX analyst, user researcher, tester, brand designer…

A design process by is a set and sequence of performing design tasks necessary to achieve the best possible product design results. Today we will share our design process with you.

Is there a single standard for the design process?

The short answer is no.

Each studio has a unique design process. They can vary in the number…

Neurovine design process

Neurovine is a Canadian company that aims to empower concussion patients by measuring brain health and optimizing their recovery process. The data collected by Neurovine allows physicians to track improvement, identify triggers, and prescribe appropriate treatment — all in a way that has not yet been possible.

The Neurovine team…

Most eCommerce stores aim at rapid growth. They can reach the goal either by growing their market share, or expanding their store size, or just gaining larger profit margins. But what if an e-commerce business would have a personalized approach that can be applied to all commerce user segments?


Color is a hugely influential tool that goes across fields of psychology, customer behavior, and (of course) aesthetic. Before choosing a color scheme for your web interface, you should keep in mind these three sections:

  1. Customers perception of color
  2. Your brand identity
  3. How you use it (relevance, layout, articulation)

Customers perception of color


We’ve all seen that Don Normans` useless kettle, right?

But what makes it useless? It has the same amount of material, the same form, and elements as any regular kettle.

But bad UX undermines all these features. You might find a way to make it work — with a pair of gloves and lots of skills — but…

We design products that bring millions. Individual UX solutions to fit your business goals.

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