Here at, we provide unique UI/UX solutions for your specific business goals. Our team of experienced designers will help you develop your product strategies, design your product, and create your brand.

Our team at has helped numbers of companies elevate the aesthetic and usability of their products. Focusing on UI & UX design, brand identity, and graphic design, our goal is to provide solutions that match your brand's needs and vision. We started only one year ago, but our team of professional designers brings tremendous value to businesses right away.

In an effort to help our clients leap…


To create a clear, user-friendly online education service in the shortest terms. It should serve both State Universities, which courses may be unavailable publically, and for companies or freelance tutors with open for sale courses.


A web platform for placement of different types’ courses and tracking the education process, which depends on the education type and user’s role.

Duration / Tools / Team

600 hours / Figma / 2 UX/UI designers

Fig.1 — StuddyMo Platform screenshots.

Market Research

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown periods, the education process switches to the online mode for halftime or even 100% of the time. Here are some numbers about market expectations and learners’ preferences:

What is the design system?

A design system is a set of visual and behavioral brand traits, tools, and components that makes it easier to create, test, update products, and ensure consistency in their interfaces. In terms of interface design, this is a constantly updated library of UI elements and UX rules developed for this product, taking into account all its features.

Why do you need a design system?

As mentioned above, the design system makes it easier and faster to solve design tasks and support products. Its most important functions are -

  1. Ensure design consistency (uniform and predictable behavior of all its parts), which will increase its comfort for the user.

A design process by is a set and sequence of performing design tasks necessary to achieve the best possible product design results. Today we will share our design process with you.

Is there a single standard for the design process?

The short answer is no.

Each studio has a unique design process. They can vary in the number of steps, their order, duration, different specialists involved, and other essential details. All of them have only one thing in common — the concept of Design Thinking.

These are five crucial steps that will be repeated in a circle until we come to a good result — Empathy, Define Problem…

Neurovine design process

Neurovine is a Canadian company that aims to empower concussion patients by measuring brain health and optimizing their recovery process. The data collected by Neurovine allows physicians to track improvement, identify triggers, and prescribe appropriate treatment — all in a way that has not yet been possible.

The Neurovine team has worked with Canada’s leading experts in the MedTech space, conducted trials in the Digital Health program at the Elizabeth Bruyère Research Institute, and worked with individuals diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome to refine the technology.

Neurovine envisions a world in which brain health is visible and accessible — empowering everyone…

Whether you’re a startup looking to launch your SaaS or an enterprise seeking to modernize an internal solution, product design is critical. specializes in everything digital design: from product strategy and brand identity to full-cycle UX/UI design. We execute killer products that’re always geared towards business success.

But we could totally just be saying that. When you’re looking for a design partner, how can you tell between all of these design agencies? Especially when there’s a whole sea of them?

Great question! That’s why many digital shoppers rely on online reviews. Client testimonials continue to be a sure-fire method…

Most eCommerce stores aim at rapid growth. They can reach the goal either by growing their market share, or expanding their store size, or just gaining larger profit margins. But what if an e-commerce business would have a personalized approach that can be applied to all commerce user segments?

We designed the critical approach on how to reach the e-commerce clients’ needs through base marketing channels and shifting our value proposition to them. …

Color is a hugely influential tool that goes across fields of psychology, customer behavior, and (of course) aesthetic. Before choosing a color scheme for your web interface, you should keep in mind these three sections:

  1. Customers perception of color
  2. Your brand identity
  3. How you use it (relevance, layout, articulation)

Customers perception of color

Color psychology is something that every business owner or designer should consider before starting a project. Our brain gets signals from the environment that links facts together to define the meaning of things on the subconscious level. It is extremely hard (almost impossible) to change the stereotypes, but what we can…

We’ve all seen that Don Normans` useless kettle, right?

But what makes it useless? It has the same amount of material, the same form, and elements as any regular kettle.

But bad UX undermines all these features. You might find a way to make it work — with a pair of gloves and lots of skills — but risking to scald, or eventually give up and make a vase out of it.

But why bother when you can hire professionals who will put all the elements into the right places?

You’ve probably already figured out that it’s not just the kettle we are talking about now.


A great team is the heart of every business. But what qualities help the team to achieve outstanding results?

We, in community, believe, that the answer lies in the field of Group Intelligence Quotient or GIQ.

What is GIQ?

The main thesis is the team of members with high IQ, but low Emotional Intellect doesn’t equal the team with a high level of both. Thus, the atmosphere, where each person enhances the knowledge and expertise of another, will show better company performance. Such a synergy of professionalism and sharing of experience within the team can bring a real boost to your business.

We design products that bring millions. Individual UX solutions to fit your business goals.

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