Design Process

Is there a single standard for the design process?

Design process

Is this process discrete?

The design process steps are superimposed on one another.

Is it linear?

Non-linearity of the design process

What determines the structure of the design process?

1. Discovery

Design process: discovery stage
The role of UX/UI designer in the product lifecycle

1.1 Vision

The vision document

1.2 Persona

Persona document

1.3 Competitors Matrix

Competitors matrix

Additional Discovery Stage Artifacts

Use Cases
Testing of the existing prototype

2. Brainstorming

Design process: brainstorming stage

2.1 Decision Matrix

Decision Matrix

2.2 Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix

3. User Flow

Design process: User Flow stage

3.1 User flow diagram

User flow diagram

Additional artifacts

Data model Diagram
Service Blueprint

4. Prototyping

Design process: Prototyping stage

4.1 High Fidelity Prototype

High-fidelity prototype
The hierarchy of user experience components

4.2 Clickable and animated prototype

5. UI design

Design process: User Interface design

5.1 UI Design Concept

Design concept

5.2 Full UI & Design System

Design system

Additional artifacts

Brand design for Brokrete company
Illustration for the UI design of Brokrete website



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