How to choose the right colors for your business

  1. Customers perception of color
  2. Your brand identity
  3. How you use it (relevance, layout, articulation)

Customers perception of color

Color psychology is something that every business owner or designer should consider before starting a project. Our brain gets signals from the environment that links facts together to define the meaning of things on the subconscious level. It is extremely hard (almost impossible) to change the stereotypes, but what we can do — is to use them in our favor. Stereotypes depend on several factors, such as:

  • Nationality/Country
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Culture, etc.
  1. Always know your customer and his or her background (We in never start designing without setting a clear business vision)
  2. Not only each color has its connotation, but each color has its meaning in every culture. Here’s the list of color meanings in different countries

Your brand identity

First, you make your strategy, and then your strategy will create your business. What is your brand color? Does it have the right associations that reinforce your marketing?

How to use it


In UI/UX design, there are some rules you shouldn’t break, because it might confuse your customer. In this area, it is better to trust the professionals. For example, if your primary CTA (call-to-action) color is red, how would you display error states? Clearly indicate positive and negative feedback for your users.


The 60–30–10 rule

This rule is a handy tool for design in lots of fields and especially in UX. While making a new color palette, you should dedicate 60% of space to one color (usually neutral), 30% to the complementary, and 10% to the accent color.
Look at this example from our portfolio:


We’ve already defined the importance of color choice for your brand strategy. But don’t underestimate the articulation of tones. Remember that sometimes the contrast and the color combination may better deliver your idea than the color itself.

  1. The same color scheme can be used in entirely different ways.
  2. You cannot change one color in a harmonious pattern. This will entail a change in the entire palette.



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