When You Need a Senior UI/UX Designer

2 min readJan 19, 2023

OK, having a senior designer under your roof would do your project only good. But there are some specific cases when hiring them is critical.

Validating and prototyping your promising idea

A winning idea is always at the heart of any promising startup. Say, you’ve come up with such an idea. Now, you need to validate it, prove its technical feasibility and prototype it in such a way that it actually helps the users solve their problems. In this case, hiring a UI/UX designer with a holistic, creative, and technical vision in one bottle is essential.

Redesigning your existing app

Your application may face the need for redesigning for various reasons, but most often, this results from the enhanced competition, changed users’ preferences, and new design trends combination. To successfully meet your business’s unique requirements, consider hiring an experienced specialist. This is another case when your project needs the help of a senior UI/UX designer.

Strengthening your design team

Depending on the complexity and specifics of your project, you can approach gathering a design team differently, mixing the skills and talents in such a way as to meet your app’s necessities better. Still, strengthening your team members with a senior designer is always a wise approach since, in this case, you can be more confident that your design process follows the right path.

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